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Table Talks
'Let your table
do the talking'

About Table Talks

Glassware collection

Enjoying time with friends or as a couple. Relaxing after a busy day. Celebrating the start of the weekend. Having a good conversation or enjoying a sociable dinner. Every moment calls for a different kind of drink. And every type of drink calls for a different glass.

Let your table speak for itself with Table Talks, a Belgian brand that specialises in premium glassware for every occasion. All the glasses have a timeless design & a refined finish. They each have their own unique shape which brings out all the aromas of each drink. For occasions that demand more! 

The water, wine, gin & tonic and champagne glasses are made of crystalline glass, lending allure to their elegant design & refined rim. The rim ensures a luxurious drinking experience.

The tumbler & longdrink glasses are more robust, with a sturdy base & characterful design. They are ideal for sparkling drinks or drinks with a lot of ice. They are made of high-quality glass that can take the occasional knock, so you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. 

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